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Out of sight, out of mind - not always true, especially when it comes to your home's basement. But if your home's foundation started with FORM-A-DRAIN, you can put your mind at ease. A quality-built home begins at the very foundation of the structure. The footing. a concrete "channel" outlining the basement perimeter, goes in even before the slab of the foundation, acting as the base of the basement walls.

Form-a-DrainFORM-A-DRAIN is installed as the footing form (1). It provides a superior means of building the footing as compared to traditional methods. FORM-A-DRAIN's second and perhaps most important function is a foundation drain system (2). FORM-A-DRAIN can either channel water into a sump pit built into the basement floor, which then is pumped out by a sump pump, or it can be channeled outside, draining away from the structure. Since it began as the footing form, FORM-A-DRAIN is a perfectly located drain system directly against the side of the footing, below the basement wall, and under the basement slab. This is ideal in equalizing hydro-static pressure that occur. Homes built with FORM-A-DRAIN benefit from a third function, that being a radon evacuation system (3). With simple adaptation, FORM-A-DRAIN can provide a means of ventilating radon gas in areas where radon is a potential hazard. It can be installed as a passive system which can adapt over to an active system should high levels of radon be evident.

I have greater peace of mind. Know your home started with a sound foundation. FORM-A-DRAIN, the revolutionary 3-in-1 product from CertainTeed.


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